The parking lot in Engelhartszell is temporarily closed for logistical reasons. Thank you for your understanding.

Parking in Engelhartszell

Phone: +49 851 989000168

Our services

  • Broad variety of offers
    Flood-proof parking in- or outdoors
    Parking spaces for RVs, busses, trailers etc. on demand
  • Accessibility
    Wheelchair and walking frame accessible parking garages and busses.
    Trained staff
  • Transfers from parking garage to the ship on arrival inclusive
  • Security
    Enclosed compound with video surveillance
    Insurance up to 25,000.00 € included (for spaces in parking garage)
  • Convenient location
    Our parking garage is located on the main road leading to Engelhartszell.
  • Expertise
    Our trained and friendly staff is looking forward to your visit!
  • Recommended by!

Important information

Arrival & Departure


Globus Parkhaus
Nibelungenstraße 130
4090 Engelhartszell


+49 851 989 000 168
Our office is located in the city of Passau.

Opening hours - Arrival

  • Automobile arrival services (registration) start at 1:00 p.m.
  • Please make sure to arrive at our parking garage by 4 p.m. the latest
  • Should you be running late, please let us know in time: +49 851 989 000 168
  • Please check in your luggage at the ship first. Embarkment starts at 2:00 p.m.

Opening hours - Departure

  • On your departure day we will be expecting you in accordance with the arrival time of your ship.

Directions – from highway Autobahn A3:

Leave the highway at the exits Passau-Mitte or Passau-Süd, then head towards the city center and follow the signs for Engelhartszell – A. Cross the Inn River in Passau, then stay on the right side of the Danube and remain on the same road until you reach Engelhartszell. You will find your ship approx. 900m after the city sign on the left hand side. After dropping off your luggage, drive back on the same road and turn left before the city sign to reach the Globus Group compound.

Arrival process

  • Our service staff welcomes you upon arrival at our parking site.
  • After you paid your parking fees we park your car for you. For logistic reasons we keep your key securely locked in our safe during your journey.
  • A mini-van will take you to your ship.
  • We are familiar with all landing places and embarkation times of your ship.

Departure process

  • You will be informed on board about the pick-up times of the shuttle bus that will take you to the parking site on the day of your departure.
  • We take care of your luggage during the transfer.
  • Before the luggage is loaded onto the transfer bus, please identify it with the tour guide so we can be sure that no wrong luggage is being transported.
  • The distance to the parking site is only 900 m, so a quick return journey is guaranteed

Arrival by train

  • You can also benefit from our transfer services if you travel by train.
  • From 12:34 p.m. onwards staff members of the Deutsche Bahn will accept your luggage on track 5.
  • At 2:00 p.m. the first shuttle bus will take you to your ship. Further information on shuttle bus departure times can be found in the documents provided by Arosa.
  • The bus stop is located opposite the police station (Bundespolizei). Leave the station via the main entrance and turn left.
Booking, Prices & Payment


  • We recommend booking at least six weeks prior to departure.
  • Cancelation up to 24 hours before departure is free of charge. For later cancelations a service charge of 50 % or if you not appear a charge of 100% applies.
  • If our parking site in Engelhartszell is fully booked, we also offer parking in Passau, including passenger and luggage transfer to and from the ship.


  • All prices including VAT
  • Prices include luggage & passenger transfer
  • Surcharge for RVs (max. 8.5 m length) on our outdoor compound: 20.00 € (one-time fee)
  • Terms of use of the parking site operator apply.
Nights Garage € Freedoms €
1 41,00 39,00
2 44,00 42,00
3 49,00 44,00
4 59,00 49,00
5 65,00 55,00
6 72,00 61,00
7 83,00 71,00
8 90,00 77,00
9 96,00 82,00
10 101,00 87,00
11 106,00 92,00
12 112,00 99,00
13 118,00 104,00
14 123,00 109,00
15 128,00 114,00
16 133,00 120,00
17 139,00 125,00
18 145,00 131,00
19 150,00 137,00
20 155,00 142,00
21 161,00 147,00


  • When booking online you can pay in advance via PayPal or by credit card.
  • Alternatively, you can also pay upon arrival at our offices – in cash, by maestro or credit card.


Your vehicle

Location of your vehicle

  • You vehicle remains at our parking garage or outdoor parking site.

Deposition of car keys

  • For logistic reasons we keep your car keys and store them in our safe.
  • The keys will be returned to you on your departure day upon presentation of the parking contract or your passport/ID.

Damages to your car

  • If your car was parked by us in our parking garage it is insured up to 25,000.00 € in addition to your own insurance.
  • There is no insurance cover for our outdoor parking site.


  • Our outdoor parking site is also suitable for RVs.
  • A surcharge of 20.00 € for RVs applies (one-time fee, in addition to our regular prices for passenger cars).
  • Prices for motorhomes over a length of 8.50 m are available on request.
Parking garage, outdoor parking site & surroundings

Parking garage

  • With a ceiling height of 3.5 m our parking garage is also suitable for minivans.
  • The parking garage is securely locked and flood-proof.

Outdoor parking site

  • Our outdoor parking site, an enclosed and flood-proof compound, is located right next to our parking garage.

Opening times

  • We cater exclusively for cruise ship tourists and therefore our parking garage is only open on the ships’ landing/embarkment days.
  • Information on your ideal time of arrival can be found in your booking documents.

Surroundings, shops & gas stations

  • A supermarket is located in the town center, about 900m from the parking garage.
  • Gas stations: On the way back to Passau, close to the border crossing, you will find a low-priced Turmöl gas station. The distance to our parking garage is approx. 20km.
Transfers & Luggage


  • Our comfortable shuttle busses take you from the parking site to your ship and back to the parking site after your return.


  • We kindly ask you to drop off your luggage at the ship before arrival at our parking site.
  • At the end of your cruise we organize your transport back to our parking site, luggage included.
  • All services involved in your luggage transport are included in the price.
  • Please notify our staff or your travel agent immediately if you notice any damage to your luggage.